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Friendly Customer Service - We always try to make your experience a good one.

Pumping Services - Just call our office to schedule an appointment.

Competitive Prices - Competitive pricing on all services. 

Emergency Contact Number- Simply call the office number and the answering service will provide you with the numbers.

Why Choose E. L. Margetts
Experience With Both Residential & Commercial

Systems Designed, Installed, Pumped & Repaired
Title 5 Inspections

100 Years of  Service- E. L. Margetts & Son's Inc. has been able to survive in the boom times and bust times. Trying always to do right by it's customer bass.

Four Generations - E. L. Margetts & Son's Inc. has been passed down throught the same family for generations. Each generation teaching the next one the core values of the family business.   

We Accept: 

Proud Supporter of Hingham's D.A.R.E. Program
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